Our Favorite Photo: Lizzie and Cody Cooper

Emma Frankart Henterly

The Coopers were wed on Sept. 8, 2018, at Williamsport United Methodist Church.

For Lizzie and Cody Cooper, favorite wedding-day photos are all about what they represent. From the authentically sweet portrait to the styled detail photos, their picks are all about the meaning behind the image.

“Our favorite photo is the photo of me holding the umbrella in the rain and Lizzie kissing me on the cheek as I smile at the camera,” Cody explains. “[It] shows how much fun we were having together, even though the weather was not perfect. It is symbolic of how even when things are not ideal, we can be happy and find comfort just by being together and making the best of any situation, as long as we have each other.”

When it comes to the detail photos—which rarely make the Top-10 list of favorite shots, in our experience—the underlying meaning is important, too.

“[The reception] was really all done by us, because we did it at Lizzie’s parents’ house,” Cody says. “It was just really special to have so many personal touches, so all the photos mean so much to us. Lizzie’s parents worked so hard to make the day special, and the photos allow us to remember all the effort and love that our family and friends poured into making the day perfect.”

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