2019 Top Doctor Spotlight: Marguerite Weston

Staff Writer
Columbus Monthly
Dr. Marguerite Weston

What drew you to the Columbus region?

I completed my training in Toledo, where I met my husband. We then moved to Oklahoma, where I worked as a team physician with the University of Oklahoma for over six years. My husband’s job then took us to Madison, Wisconsin, where I worked with the University of Wisconsin for over a year. As our children began getting older, it became apparent we needed to return home to Ohio. We always talked about Columbus being our choice once we moved back. I am from the Cleveland area, and my husband is from Marion.

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What’s the most common injury you’re seeing among athletes?

The majority of what we see is overuse injuries. In this day and in this community, children are playing year-round, on multiple teams, and are often single-sport athletes. We provide a lot of education and teach young athletes how to prevent injuries.

What advice do you find yourself giving the most?

For my athletes, I discuss injury prevention early and often. It is an imperative focus that really makes a difference—although you may never know, since they don’t get injured! Nutrition is another key area of focus. I talk to my athletes and non-athletes alike about nutrition: Sometimes it is about weight loss, other times about performance. I am currently completing training in functional medicine, which lends itself well to my sports medicine and nutrition focus.


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