New Columbus Coworking Space Offers Child Care

Julanne Hohbach
Cova Cowork co-founders (clockwise from top left): Meghan Boone, Josh Boone, Dylan Hoffman and Minji Kim

Need to get some work done, but you’ve got the kids in tow? A new coworking space coming to Franklinton also will offer on-site child care.

Cova Cowork is targeting a September opening 470 W. Broad St. in the Gravity development, says co-founder Meghan Boone. She and three business partners (including husband Josh Boone) already own and operate a coworking space at Bottoms Up Coffee, 1069 W. Broad St., also in Franklinton.

Boone and her husband lived in Washington, D.C., for seven years then traveled for a year, working remotely from coworking spaces. They met consultants Minji Kim and Dylan Hoffman, and the four decided to open a coworking business of their own.

They selected Columbus from an initial pool of 24 cities; none of the partners have any ties to Central Ohio. “We just really liked Columbus and felt really welcomed,” Boone says. “There’s a lot happening here.”

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The Boones moved to Columbus two years ago and began working with developer Brett Kaufman to set up a space in Gravity. While that project was getting off the ground, Boone and her partners bought Bottoms Up when the owners decided to sell. They added a 24-hour coworking space that’s now used by 30 members, and the coffee shop is open to the public until 3 p.m. (The business also serves as an emergency diaper resource for neighborhood parents through partnerships with Columbus Diaper Bank, Celebrate One and Little Bottoms Free Store.)

At Cova Cowork, they wanted to integrate a family-friendly space and a professional setting, Boone says, “trying to create a space where you can be your most productive self during the day.” They noticed that for some of their members who have children, day care “doesn’t necessarily match up with your 9 to 5 job.” So they aim to fill that niche.

Cova Cowork’s name is based on the covalent bond, a chemistry principal in which an electron pair is shared between atoms. “Cova is basically just, stronger together,” she says.

The on-site child care service, dubbed Cova Care, will offer flexible, drop-in hours as well as classes for toddlers and the pre-K set. The business is partnering with babysitting service Juggle. Flex care is $10 an hour (with a two-hour minimum), while classes start at $24, according to an online menu of services.

Cova members will have 24-hour access to the coworking space, though child care hours will be limited. Boone says at startup, care will be available from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. though that could expand based on demand. Parents must remain on-site.

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