Our Favorite Photo: Kayla and Aaron Childs

Emma Frankart Henterly

Kayla and Aaron Childs were wed on Oct. 5, 2018, at Creekside Conference & Event Center.

The Childs’ favorite photos are different, but they each have something in common: they feel these photos capture their spirit and emotion.

“I love this photo [of Aaron and I walking on the bridge] because it really captures our personalities,” Kayla says. “I feel like we make these faces at each other all the time, and I probably just finished making a corny joke about fighting anyone who tries to photobomb us during our shoot. Not to mention, it’s just a beautiful photo, and the background is gorgeous, too.”

Aaron, for his part, couldn’t quite decide on just one photo—so he picked two.

For the first, where the newlyweds are smooshing their noses together, Aaron says, “I love her smile! This photo perfectly captures the joy that we share.”

Aaron’s other favorite photo, of the pair in front of the fountain at Creekside, “captures the themes of ‘power’ and ‘we got this,’ ” he says. “Regardless of what comes our way, we got this.”

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