Happy anniversary to two couples!

Emma Frankart Henterly
Left to right, Aaron and Kayla Childs and Evan and Katie Taylor

On this day last year, two couples were saying “we do” in two very different—but equally lovely—ceremonies.

Kayla and Aaron Childs wedding and reception at Creekside Conference & Event Center had a “classic romance” theme, but that didn’t stop the couple from injecting some funky personal touches into the mix. Take, for example, their secret handshake. They created it together in the weeks leading up to the wedding, then debuted it just before their first kiss as husband and wife, much to everyone’s astonishment. Stay tuned for more from this wedding; it’ll be featured in next week’s Real Wedding Wednesday post. (Impatient? Check out their Lessons Learned and Our Favorite Photo features while you wait.)

Kayla and Aaron’s anniversary twins, Katie and Evan Taylor, also were featured in our Lessons Learned and Our Favorite Photo series. They didn’t have a special handshake, but their ceremony did include a unique twist on the wine box ceremony. But what Katie says was most memorable about the day, however, was seeing each other for the first time as she was walking down the aisle—and, of course, their first dance as a married couple.

From all of us at Columbus Weddings, happy first anniversary to both couples!