Our Favorite Photo: Adam Ingram

Emma Frankart Henterly

Adam and Erin Ingram were wed on Oct. 13, 2019, at The Estate at New Albany.

A common refrain in wedding vows is, “in sickness and in health.” That’s a promise the Ingrams know too well, having begun living it before they tied the knot last month.

“I was depressed, in pain and fairly incapacitated before my back surgery in April 2019. I wasn’t able to pick Erin up or even stand up straight,” Adam Ingram says. “But thanks to the wonderful folks at OhioHealth Neuro, I was able to pick my beautiful wife up on our wedding day and spin her around with no pain and no restrictions. They gave me our first dance, our amazing wedding photos, and most of all, a life without pain.”

Excuse us while we grab some tissues … someone seems to be cutting onions around here!

“This photo is my favorite photo because it shows how far we’ve come together,” Adam continues, “This photo shows how gorgeous Erin is and how amazing it is to be able to pick her up and spin her around.”

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