Lessons Learned: Advice from Miryoung Kim

Emma Frankart Henterly

Miryoung Kim and Calvin Choi’s wedding took place on Nov. 17, 2018, at the Hilton Downtown Columbus.

If you could do anything about your wedding differently, what would you change and why?    

We wished we had more time to spend with each guest.

What are you happy you spent money on?        

A high-quality photographer was our “must,” and it paid off. We loved our pictures at the reception and ceremony.

What do you think you could have done without?          

We had a desert station in addition to our cupcake stand, which was our wedding cake. I don’t think we needed additional dessert, since it was a surf-and-turf dinner menu and most guests were full.

What was your biggest surprise when planning your wedding?

How early venues book up.

What do you wish you’d known before you started planning?  

How time-intensive it is.

Did you experience any wedding-day snafus?

One of our guests were told that the venue didn’t have them on the list, though they actually were on it. The venue told our guest that they didn’t have a meal prepared for him. They threw together something at the last minute and we had to apologize to him after we found out.

Did you and your fiancé get into any silly arguments?   

We never really had arguments until we were in wedding-planning stages. We talked it out each time and tried to recognize it was mostly nerves and stress.

Any dress-shopping advice?

Do research before to have an idea of what style of dress you want, but be open-minded about other options.

Do you have any general advice for couples currently planning their weddings?             

Discuss the general theme of the wedding and plan well ahead of time. Disagreements are growing opportunities and at the end of the day, it probably doesn’t matter. What matters is that you love each other.

Do you have any general marriage advice, as a newlywed?

Don’t try to plan a wedding, buy a house, and move at the same time!