Happy anniversary to three couples!

Emma Frankart Henterly

It’s no secret that June is a popular month for weddings—or it is during non-pandemic times, anyway—so it’s no surprise that we have a handful of anniversaries to recognize today.

First up is Lauren and Jared Ramey, who wed one year ago yesterday at Buxton Inn. They were ahead of the intimate ceremony curve, with immediate family only attending their Tuesday evening celebration of love. The reason? Jared’s looming deployment to the Middle East. They learned of said deployment at the end of March last year, and just six weeks later, the two were wed. You can read more about their story in their Real Wedding Wednesday feature.

College sweethearts Sara and Stephen Novak met at Bowling Green State University, where they both were in marching band. Now, they both teach music at local schools. Their classic romance-themed wedding at Nationwide Hotel and Conference Center on June 15, 2019, included a touching rope-braiding ceremony, while at the reception, fellow alumni of the BGSU marching band danced with them to a recording of the band’s traditional drum cadence. They also have a recent Real Wedding Wednesday feature.

Finally, we have Alysse and John Kaeding, who also wed on June 15 last year. Highlights of their day at Liberty Presbyterian Church and Brookshire included Alysse’s father, sister and uncle surprising the newlyweds with a song they had written together, paired with a slideshow they had created about the couple. They, too, met through musical connections: Alysse played violin and John played guitar in the same folk band. And guess what? They also were featured in our Real Wedding Wednesday series.