Best of Columbus Weddings Winner: Columbus Wedding Videos

Rylan Lee
Columbus Monthly

Nathan Schivley knows weddings. Voted best videographer, his company, Columbus Wedding Videos, captures 50 to 60 weddings every year. Still, he’s never gotten sick of the old, borrowed, new and blue.

“Every wedding is different. It’s a different experience, so it doesn’t get monotonous,” Schivley explains.

The seed of the idea for a videography business was planted when he started shooting friends’ weddings shortly after graduating from Ohio University with a degree in video production and web design. Finally, the same year he himself was married, he officially created Columbus Wedding Videos, a name his background in web design surely motivated.

“The web designer, SEO mind saw that [ was available] and I’m like, ‘Hey, I could be at the top of the Google searches with this domain.’ … It definitely helped me get some work, especially at the beginning when I was just starting out” Schivley recalls.

Certainly, Columbus Wedding Videos’ popularity has surpassed that of merely a clever, search-engine-friendly name. Take one peak at his signature highlight reels, which weave together couples’ unique and treasured wedding-day moments, and Schivley’s precision and artistry is unmistakable. “I take a lot of pride in my editing and storytelling,” he says.

In addition to his videos, Schivley says the “fly on the wall” style of his videography team has also contributed to their being a Columbus fan favorite. “We’re a pretty laid-back bunch,” he says. “We like to make people feel at ease. … We’re not really getting in people’s faces with a camera.”

Despite plenty of adoring customers and good reviews, Schivley was nonetheless surprised by the win. “[Our past customers] must have been paying attention to us and saw we were nominated. Yeah, it’s kind of cool; it was definitely unexpected” he says.

Columbus Wedding Videos offers six different packages and a variety of add-ons, but Schivley often customizes or splits packages to accommodate couples’ individual wedding plans and budget.


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