The Columbus Fall Fun Guide

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Columbus Monthly
Ariel-Foundation Park in Mount Vernon

Of all the seasons in Columbus, fall is probably the best—an extravaganza of brilliant colors, cozy sweaters and the city’s true High Holy Days: Ohio State football. But what happens when fall, well, falls apart? When a global health catastrophe cancels or delays our most beloved traditions and activities? We can whine and despair, both understandable responses after a half-year of pandemic restrictions. But a better reaction is to look for different opportunities, to discover new diversions, to turn our homes into sanctuaries from the viral storm.

In the following stories, Columbus Monthly has compiled more than 30 inspiring ideas for this unprecedented autumn, from day trips to learning opportunities to culinary and home-decorating tips. Even though there won’t be any fans in Ohio Stadium all season, fun shouldn’t completely disappear along with the tailgaters of Lane Avenue.

Contributors: Erin Edwards, Kevin J. Elliott, Sophia Englehart, Alexis Florence, Chris Gaitten, Dave Ghose, Suzanne Goldsmith, Emma Frankart Henterly, Ally Melnik, Shannon Shelton Miller, Brittany Moseley and Steve Wartenberg

Safe Day Trips

The Less Crowded Hocking Hills

Discover a River of Glass

Stare at the Stars

Volunteer For the Greater Good

Read and Write

Raise a Glass

Get Organized

Beautify Your Home