CAPA Launches Careers in the Arts Education Series

Tatyana Tandanpolie

Central Ohio students have become well accustomed to online learning in the face of the pandemic, which has been devastating to many local arts organizations. CAPA decided to leverage that familiarity by taking its education programs virtual, starting with a new behind-the-scenes peek at career opportunities.

On Nov. 2, CAPA launched the fall season of its 10-part Careers in the Arts education series. The first five episodes, released every Monday in November, expose students to different behind-the-scenes jobs in the art world, like a photographer, technical director or marketing manager, that they might not have considered. CAPA’s Director of Education Amy Handra says the program strives to teach students in grades 6-12 that “there is a place for them in the arts,” even if it’s not onstage.

“I want to pull back the curtain on the many careers, roles and positions that help to create the performing arts, or the art that students or community members are seeing onstage, to give students an idea of the many different ways in which their own talents or abilities or skills could be utilized in our performing arts career field,” Handra says.

Teachers’ requests for her to do in-person presentations on performing arts careers inspired the series, Handra says, but the pandemic drove her to create bite-sized videos and share them online. Though most of this season’s episodes have premiered, they can be found on CAPA’s website along with additional educational materials for parents, students and educators. The five remaining episodes of Careers in the Arts will be released in March. 

While Handra doesn’t know if the series will extend beyond the spring season, she hopes to use the videos as a tool to welcome students back to the theater during future in-person programming. 

To watch the fall season and learn more about the series, visit

A shorter version of this story appears in “Parent Pulse” in our Winter 2020 issue.

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A technical director is one of the jobs explored during CAPA's new Careers in the Arts series.