Hero & Her: Local Subscription Box Aims to Build Parental Bonds

Tatyana Tandanpolie

Fathers and daughters have a new pandemic pastime in the Hero & Her subscription box. The service, which distributed its first packages in October, provides a colorfully decorated box full of activities, games and projects meant to build the bond between dads and their girls.

Founded by local parents Taylor Mulford, Joe Mulford, Tiffany Poteet and Stephen Poteet, Hero & Her aims to make it easier for busy dads to connect with their daughters and bridge the gender and age gaps between them, according to Joe Mulford.

“Our main focus has been on building the relationship between the dad and the daughter because we know how much of an important factor that is in daughters’ development and self-esteem,” says Stephen Poteet, a physician at Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center and father to three girls. “It’s an important factor for success later in life.”

Each Hero & Her box includes a memory-making craft that encourages recipients to take photos, service activities such as writing letters to loved ones and fun games like bingo. Girls will also find instructions for making snacks like s’mores or a prepackaged snack.

The founders’ emphasis on activities that boost young girls’ self-esteem shows up in each box’s confidence-building project as well. In the October package, dads and daughters had to create a paper doll in the girl’s image and surround it with positive adjectives that describe her. Joe Mulford says he hopes such crafts will strengthen girls’ mental health and spark conversations around it.

While Hero & Her boxes ($29 to $39) currently cater to families who have one or two girls aged 4-9, the founders hope to expand their offerings to include older girls and more daughters. The feedback they’ve received from focus groups and subscribers across the country has inspired them to think about expanding internationally and serving fathers who are separated from their daughters.

For more on Hero & Her, go to heroandher.com.

A shorter version of this story appears in “Parent Pulse” in our Winter 2020 issue.

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A Hero & Her box


Two Central Ohio couples started Hero & Her subscription boxes so dads and daughters could spend time together.