CeaseFire Columbus: When the Killings Stopped

Theodore Decker

For this march, they will head west, to the spot where a bullet ended the life of Jaleel Carter-Tate five days earlier.

It is Sunday, Oct. 4, and about 25 people have gathered at the Family Missionary Baptist Church on Oakwood Avenue, the starting point for this monthly plea for peace. A gusty storm front races toward Columbus from western Ohio, but no one talks of canceling the event, the 132nd march against gun violence held by a grassroots collective known as Ministries 4 Movement. Today marks 11 years of marching, through 44 seasons, and a discouraging weather forecast isn’t about to end the streak. 

Minister Aaron Hopkins, left, and Rev. Frederick LaMarr lead a march against gun violence in November.


CeaseFire Columbus leaders Deanna Wilkinson, Frederick LaMarr, Cecil Ahad and Dartangnan Hill outside Family Missionary Baptist Church