Valentine's Day Keepsake Box

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Valentine's Day is just around the corner, so here's a family project to retain the memories of love and affection year round. Kids can use this keepsake box to hold onto to paper valentines, trinkets and bits to remind them of the season (just leave the snowballs out of it!).


  • salvaged tissue box
  • solid-colored paper: cardstock or construction paper in red, white, pinks and purples
  • patterned paper:
    • scrapbook sheets,
    • newspaper funnies,
    • advertisements,
    • paper doilies
  • embellishments:
    • buttons, ribbon,
    • artificial flowers,
    • stamps, etc.
  • markers, crayons,
    • colored pencils
  • ruler
  • scissors
  • dry adhesives: invisible tape, double-sided tape
  • wet adhesives: glue stick, tacky glue
  1. Measure the top of the box and use the ruler to draw a square the same size on a solid-colored piece of paper. Add one inch to the length and cut out the square.
  2. Use a large cookie cutter or the top of a drinking glass to trace a large circle in the middle of your square. Make sure the circle is large enough to fit a little one's hand through - this will be your opening.
  3. Use scissors to cut out the circle (depending on your child's age, this may be a step for adults).
  4. Lay the shape over the top of the box and make sure your opening corresponds with the opening in the box itself (it doesn't have to match exactly, just overlap).
  5. Fold over the extra half inch on each side of the length and attach to the box using invisible tape. (Tip: dry adhesives like invisible tape or scotch tape work best with glossy surfaces.)
  6. Measure the height of your box and the length of all four sides. Cut out a piece of solid-colored paper that size (you may have to attach two sheets together, depending on the size of your paper).
  7. Roll this piece around your tissue box and attach using double sided tape.
  8. Cut out hearts, circles, stars and any other shapes you want from the patterned papers. Cover up the seam between the top and sides of your box by overlapping these shapes on top of the seam. Use the glue stick or double sided tape to attach the patterned paper shapes to the solid-colored paper base.
  9. Use glue stick to attach any other patterned paper shapes to your box and use tacky glue to attach any embellishments like buttons, artificial flowers, etc.
  10. Use marker or crayon to write your name on your keepsake box.
  11. On your paper scraps, have each member of the family write one thing they love about each other member and drop that note in their keepsake box. Set up the boxes in your home and do this activity once a day leading up to February 14.

Who thought this up

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