Liberty Park

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Hidden in the wide open is the Liberty Park Every Kid's Playground. Hidden because it's tucked way in the back of this sprawling Delaware County park, without any signage to guide you to it. Wide open because it truly is, surrounded by soccer fields and undulating walking paths.

So remember: when you turn into Liberty Park off Home Road, just keep going past the first two playgrounds you see until you reach the end of the winding road. Once there, you will be amply rewarded for your efforts.

The playground, opened in 2006, is the first and still only universally accessible playground in Ohio (at least 70 percent of the site is accessible to kids using wheelchairs, braces and other support equipment; an Americans with Disabilities Act-compliant playground requires only 25 percent). There's a double-seater see-saw, a "Sway Fun" big rocking toy, plenty of ramps and swings of all types, and a great digging toy and sand play area.

But it's the shelter house and eating area that strike me as a step above the usual accessible amenities: a broad and covered picnic patio, picnic tables built to accommodate wheelchairs, and spacious bathrooms (with diaper-changing stations in the women's and men's bathrooms). You can truly make a comfortable day of it at the playground.

The site is a bit exposed to north winds when they're blowing, but the landscaping is beautiful and in time should provide more shelter. Just watch for safety pins on the ground; they're residue from all the cross-country running races staged in the park each fall.

Cell-phone reception is very good, and seating for spectators is decent. And be aware that there is a fishing pond just north of the playground, so don't let little ones wander away on their own.

Liberty Park Every Kid's Playground

2507 Home Rd., Powell


Hours: 9 a.m. to dusk daily, closed major holidays