Hannah Park

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Columbus Parent

Seeing the playground at Hannah Park for the first time can be a jaw-dropping experience.

It's exciting for the kids, no doubt, and parents will wonder if there's anything in their car that can serve as bribery to eventually get the kids back in it. Candy may not work.

The happy-looking yellow, orange and green play equipment is accented by five tall flower sculptures. Honestly, we watched others using a couple pieces of equipment to figure out what to do with it.

There's a green cup, for example. Plop your kid in and spin.

A curious spinning top ended up being a sort of merry-go-round; once it gets going, kids hold on with their hands and fly through the air, feet and hair dangling.

Thrill-seeking preschoolers and elementary-aged kids will be enthralled at this playground, where slides outnumber the swings. There are two U-shaped swings, one baby swing and one large harness swing. The playground includes a tight rope and much, much more.

One section is clearly meant for the younger set, and it's very nice, but little ones may make a break for the more exciting stuff after a few minutes.

The rubber-like surface and wood mulch at this playground provide a soft place to land. Several benches and picnic tables are close by. A few trees provide some shade.

Family-sized restrooms are located in the nearby shelter house. The restrooms were very clean and included diaper-changing stations.

We visited the day after a major April shower and found only a few muddy patches on the walking path. The playground itself was dry.

If you can pry the kids from the playground, the walking path spans the two-year-old park's perimeter and is just under a mile long.

Hannah Park

6547 Clark State Rd., Gahanna



Hours: Dawn to dusk daily