Sail into Summer!

Staff Writer
Columbus Parent

Summer is officially here and this month's project will have you setting sail into the season in style! Gather the family and some household materials to create your very own watercraft. Then head off to the nearest body of water - even the bathtub will work! - to watch your creation in action.


•one juice or milk carton with a wax coating (quart-size is best)

•bendable drinking straws

•water-resistant glue

•colorful duct tape

•scraps of lightweight fabric

•small box (soap boxes work great, or an individual drinking-sized milk carton)


•utility knife or X-acto knife (adults only!)

•hole punch


1. (Adults only) Turn the quart-sized milk carton on its side. Make a mark halfway down the carton and draw a horizontal line all the way around. Use the utility knife to cut along the line, cutting the carton in half horizontally.

2. The flat bottom of the carton will be the bottom of your sailboat. Use colorful duct tape to cover the sides of the boat. Decorate with stickers or permanent markers.

3. Lay the small box down horizontally. Use a utility knife or hole punch to create a small hole in the middle of the top of the box. Decorate the box with duct tape, aluminum foil, or any other water-resistant material.

4. Using four straws, create a number "4" shape that will be the form of your sail:

• Use a utility knife to cut a vertical slit on either side of a straw, approximately in the middle of the straw.

• Scrunch up the end of another straw and push through the slits you created. Cut this straw off just before the bendable portion. This straw will be the bottom of the triangle in your number "4".

• Bend a third straw and scrunch up the end closest to the end and push this straw into the end of the straw you just cut. The bend will form the bottom left-hand corner of the triangle.

• Bend the fourth straw and cut down to form the top of your triangle. Scrunch up the ends and put inside the open ends of the other straws. Now you should have a "4" shape.

5. Cut a triangle from your fabric that is slightly larger than the triangle in your "4" shape. Glue the fabric securely to your "4" straw shape. This is your sail!

6. Glue the small box to the middle of your ship, hole-side up.

7. Stick your sail in the hole in the small box. Secure with glue and/or more duct tape so that it stands straight up.

8. Set sail in the summer winds!


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