Traditional Origami envelope

Staff Writer
Columbus Parent

For this project, you'll write a letter and create a decorative envelope from the very same piece of paper!


Square piece of decorative paper - lightweight paper works best, no cardstock or heavy paper, and it should be at least 4-inches-by-4-inches (scrapbook paper cut into quarters works great!)


1. Write a letter to your recipient on the paper and lay it text side up. Fold in half vertically, edge to edge, and press the fold. Unfold. Now you have a crease.

2. Fold the bottom left corner up toward the center, so the corner touches the center point. Repeat with the top right corner. Now you have a top triangle and a bottom triangle.

3. Fold the straight bottom edge toward the center to meet the bottom edge of your top right triangle.

4. Repeat with the top edge.

5. Notice the pockets you have created.

6. Fold the top and bottom corners to tuck them into their respective pockets. Flip over and address your envelope!


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