Books for Kids

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"I LIKE VEGETABLES" by Lorena Siminovich

This board book has simple, bright illustrations and tactile elements including smooth peas and bumpy corn. Young children will learn vocabulary, opposites, and maybe even to love eating their vegetables! FOR AGES 0 TO 2.

"RRRALPH" by Lois Ehlert

Hey doggy, what's your name? Rrralph! Are you a good boy? Yep! Yep! Everyone can play along as you read this clever picture book about a "talking" dog. Be amazed as Ralph answers all of your questions in his own doggy way. FOR AGES 3 TO 6.

"WHERE'S WALRUS?" by Stephen Savage

Walrus has escaped from the zoo! Watch as he hides amongst firefighters, mannequins, and can-can dancers - and stays one step ahead of the zookeeper. This wordless picture book features charming, hilarious illustrations and is great for developing storytelling skills. FOR AGES 3 TO 6.


Eleanor is having a very bad August. A pickle juice on a cookie kind of August. Bibi, her wonderful babysitter, who's been taking care of Eleanor since she was just a baby, has to move away. Eleanor tells us how she deals with her sad feelings. And Natalie, her new babysitter, isn't so bad. In fact, she's pretty fun! FOR AGES 7 TO 9.


Finn's family is losing their house, so he and his sisters are sent to Colorado to stay with an uncle. Only when they get off the plane they're not in Colorado, but in the strange city of Falling Bird. Some things in Falling Bird seem great, but it's got a lot of secrets to hide. Will Finn, India, and Mouse want to go home? If so, their time to escape is running out fast. FOR AGES 10 TO 13.

"CHIME" by Franny Billingsley

In Briony's world the supernatural is real. There are ghosts, swamp spirits and witches. In fact, Briony is a witch. And it's her evil, witchy ways that brought a flood, started a fire, killed Stepmother, and hurt Rose, her twin, so badly. At least, that's what Briony believes. Then Eldric comes to town. With his help, maybe Briony can learn the secrets of her past. FOR TEENS.

-- Laura Nawojchik, Youth Services Librarian I, Whetstone branch of the Columbus Metropolitan Library