Eastland Mall Children's Play Area

Staff Writer
Columbus Parent

Almost every Columbus kid has dreamed of playing in the 'Shoe, and at Eastland Mall's OSU-themed play area, that dream can easily become a reality.

Housed in a scaled-down version of Ohio Stadium, this unique play space includes mini-versions of famous Ohio State landmarks. From the towering tree slide and mini Mirror Lake to the paths of The Oval, there are tons of places to slide, jump, tumble and explore. The soft, springy floor (decorated with a block "O", no less) provides a cushioned landing for little daredevils and, best of all, the single entrance and exit keeps would-be escape artists reined in.

Unlike the original, this kiddie campus is small, which means chaos can come quickly when there's a crowd. The play area is perfect for toddler to elementary age, however, it may be best to plan toddler playtime during a weekday when it's less likely to be crowded.

Located in the heart of the mall, the play area is close to bathrooms and water fountains but far enough away from the food court that your kids won't be overcome with a sudden onset of hamburger hysteria or French-fry frenzy. Padded seating lines the walls of the mini-stadium, and while it may not fit 100,000+, there are plenty of comfy spots for parents to watch the action.