Jeff Hamler of Schneider's Bakery

Melissa Kossler Dutton

When Jeff Hamler bought Schneider's Bakery 25 years ago, he didn't even consider changing the name.

"It's brand recognition," said Hamler, who started working there under the original owner while in high school. "Everybody knew about Schneider's and I didn't want to mess with that."

He changed very little when he took over, he said. In fact, he makes many of the bakery's original recipes.

"I've tinkered with some of the stuff and done away with some stuff that wasn't selling," he said.

What is the bakery known for?

Our donuts. People love our chocolate-iced, cream-filled donuts. I make my own cream filling and it tastes better than the filling you buy.

As a baker, you work nights. Do you mind the schedule?

I don't have a problem with it. It's the only job I ever had. I've always made it a priority to sleep.

After so many years, do you still find the job enjoyable?

I don't get bored of it. But it's hard on my body. I have arthritis in my shoulders, wrists and elbows. I'm always moving. You have to be to do three, four or five things at once. I like that. It suits my personality.

What's your favorite goodie at the bakery?

The cream-filled donuts. That's my favorite. The donut has taken a bad rap for causing high cholesterol. I eat donuts all the time. My cholesterol is fine. Donuts aren't bad unless you eat 12 of them (at once).

You open at 1 a.m. Do you get a lot of Otterbein University students coming in for late-night snacks?

We get a lot of college kids. They line up in the street and wait for donuts. Warm donuts always taste better.