Fantasy Cupcake

Melissa Kossler Dutton
Leah Dotson opened Fantasy Cupcakes in June 2011.

People always used to ask Leah Dotson where she bought the delicious baked goods she took to parties. When they heard she made them herself, they told her she should open a bakery. She started selling cupcakes out of her house while still working as a nanny.

"Within six months, I was working 20 hours a day," she recalled. "In addition to my full-time job, I would stay up all night baking."

With the encouragement of friends and family, she decided to open a cupcake bakery. She found a location in Canal Winchester and began renovating it with the help of her supporters. She continued to work as a nanny until Fantasy Cupcakes opened in June 2011.


What sets your bakery apart from others?

We bake fresh every morning. Even if you are having a wedding for 500 people, your cupcakes will be baked that day. All the cupcakes we don't sell get donated to local charities.

What types of ingredients do you use?

I grew up baking everything from scratch. I still use incredibly fresh ingredients. I use as much local produce as we can get. I have a farmer that delivers eggs. I usually run to at least six different stores each week - even if it's only to get one thing.

Tell us about your flavors.

We have 10 to 11 signature flavors that we have year round. Then each month we have two to three new flavors - those constantly rotate. My favorite seasonal flavor is raspberry white chocolate. My favorite signature flavor is salted caramel.

Do you make accommodations for food allergies and sensitivities?

We do gluten-free. My family is gluten-free. We do gluten-free by special order and every Saturday. We do have buckeye cupcakes, which have peanut butter in them, but we are very, very careful. We actually try to stay away from nuts.

Do you have any special events?

Wednesday nights from 5 to 7 is "Cupcake Happy Hour" (when) all cupcakes sell for $2. Customers can also sign up for SpotOn rewards cards, which earns free treats and discounts.