Eliza Ho | Dinin' Hall

Staff Writer
Columbus Parent
Eliza Ho and Tim Lai opened Dinin' Hall in 2012 at 400 West Rich Street in 2012.

While working at their architecture-design studio at 400 W. Rich St. in Franklinton, Eliza Ho and Tim Lai noticed a lack of nearby dining options.

The couple enjoys eating at food trucks, but often wished the trucks offered seating.

They realized they could combine their needs and create a new business known as 400 West Rich Street, the multifunctional arts complex in a converted warehouse within walking distance of Downtown.

In 2012, they opened Dinin' Hall. From May to November, two food trucks or a food truck and a food cart park at the facility. Diners order from the vendors and then head into the cafeteria that Ho and Lai created to pay and sit at a table. Runners bring the food to customers once it's prepared, Ho said.

"The owner of the building really liked the idea of Dinin' Hall," she said. "He let us have the space at a reduced rate."

What are your hours?

We're open 11 to 2 Monday through Friday. It's also open during the farmers market, which happens two times a month.

What typeof foods do your vendors serve?

It's really international. Anywhere from Korean to Polish pierogies. Indian food. Vietnamese noodles. American burgers. All of our food vendors try to source local. They really try to bring local and healthy food to the customers.

How do diners know what trucks or carts will be there?

We have a calendar on our website. It shows what trucks will be here on what day. It usually goes one month out.

How many customers visit on a typical day?

Sixty customers are coming through.

Will anything change whenyou reopen for the 2014 season?

We're looking at what we can do to change it up a little bit. We'd like to rent out Dinin' Hall as space for people to hold birthday parties or graduation parties.

Has Dinin' Hall had an impact on Franklinton?

People come to Dinin' Hall that have never been to Franklinton. They've been to COSI but never gone any farther west. It promotes Franklinton in a very positive way.