Debra Kingry | Carlisle Gifts at Der Dutchman Restaurant

Melissa Kossler Dutton
Debra Kingry is general manager of Carlisle Gifts inside the Der Dutchman Restaurant in Plain City.

Carlisle Gifts has undergone three expansions during Debra Kingry's 23 years working at the eclectic gift shop in Plain City.

"We try to have a little bit of everything," said the general manager of the 8,900-square-foot shop.

She strives to spread the word that the store, located under the same roof as Der Dutchman Restaurant and part the Dutchman Hospitality company, carries a wide array of goods designed to appeal to busy women and their families.

"We're not the old craft shop of 25 years ago," she said.

She employs buyers and designers who try to present the merchandise in ways that allow shoppers to visualize how it can be used in their house, she said, adding, "We want her to see how it can be incorporated in her home."

-Melissa Kossler Dutton

Your store carries everything from children's books and tableware to clothing and home décor. What should shoppers expect when they visit?

We carry quality items that are unique - items you are not going to find anywhere else. We concentrate on good customer service. We offer free gift wrap.

During my recent visit, I overheard a group of women talking about how they love tocome tothe store because it gives them great ideas for homedecorating.Do you aim to inspire shoppers?

We're hoping that we do. We want to be a friendly, welcoming, clean, inspirational place that you can come to and enjoy. We try to show the different ways a piece can be used.

How often does the store's stock rotate?

We're getting new things every day. It's constantly changing. It needs to always be changing.

How does that dedication to changing over the shop impact the amount of goods that you order?

We're more like a boutique. That's the feeling. I buy a few pieces and once it's gone, it's gone. If you buy a dress here, not everybody in the community is going to have that dress.

Do you try to hit a wide spectrum of price points?

Yes. That's important. We want you to enjoy the shop no matter what your reason to visit is, whether you are here just to relax and be inspired or whether you are shopping for something in particular. Depending on their reasons for coming that day, people want to see different prices.

How kid-friendly are you?

We're very child- and family-friendly. We have a children's area with items that range in price from $1.99 to $15.