Delaware Arts Festival

Staff Writer
Columbus Parent

Members of the Delaware Arts Festival Association believe art speaks to everyone.

That's why it is the focus of the group's annual event.

"There's something for everyone in art," said Jo Ingles, publicity director for the festival. "Everyone can appreciate art on some level. It's very intrinsic. You can just enjoy it or you can think about it a lot.

The two-day festival brings about 150 exhibitors to the Delaware County seat. The association works hard to ensure that the free event offers a lot of variety. The committee also always includes art that's geared to children, Ingles said.

The artists who come to sell their pieces work in a variety of media, she added. The committee members also look for work of different shapes, sizes and prices, she said.

"You can buy something in the thousands of dollars or you can buy something for a few dollars," Ingles said.

Another feature of the festival is a full array of food trucks and vendors. Community organizations also set up booths offering information or activities. The event includes a children's tent where youngsters can make art. The local chess club invites kids to play or learn the centuries-old board game.

The Delaware Arts Festival, which was first held in 1973, attracts a lot of families and Ohio Wesleyan University alumni, Ingles said.

"We know a lot of families come every year," she said. "Our artists come back year after year. That's a huge sign that your event is successful."

-Melissa Kossler Dutton