Check out Gravity, Momcast, Object of Sound and Other Columbus-Based Podcasts

Hosts include policy expert Dan Skinner, developer Brett Kaufman and writer Hanif Abdurraqib.

Suzanne Goldsmith
Columbus Monthly
Podcasts engage readers on a variety of local topics.

Even in the competitive podcasting arena, a good niche, a good reputation, good guests or a big personality can help a program gain a following. Here are some Columbus-area podcasters who are making a go of it.

Parenting Podcasts

Momcast, currently hosted by Sunny 95’s Stacy McKay along with Heather Dean and Greg Hansberry, repping dads, tackles topics from vaccination to social media, while Dadass features “dad [Matt Lofy] and a dude [Shaun Ditty] just trying to figure out this whole parenting thing,” ending each segment—appropriately, perhaps—with a cocktail recipe.

Thoughtful Interviews

In the Gravity podcast, developer Bret Kauffman interviews local luminaries about the sources of their ideas and motivation. Educator Steve Shapiro interviews folks from bestselling author Dan Pink to local high school students about experiences that shaped them in Experience Matters.

Get Smart With Ohio State Professors

History professor and futurist David Staley interviews Ohio State faculty members about their latest work for the Voices of Excellence in Arts and Sciences podcast, while Ohio University health policy professor Dan Skinner brings on guests to talk about local policy issues in Prognosis Ohio.

Shooting the Breeze

Bull sessions between friends comprise a whole podcast subgenre. Take Control, featuring girlfriends Brandi, Darriel and Kim, is an entertaining forum for salty and straight talk.

Two Podcasts by Hanif Abdurraqib

Small Joys has not posted a new segment in almost a year, but the first season included conversations on creativity between Hanif Abdurraqib and Columbus writers like Maggie Smith, Saeed Jones and Jeff Smith. Abdurraqib also hosts Object of Sound, which “blends the eclectic curation of free-form radio with artist interviews and textural storytelling, guiding you to a new way of listening.” Both are well worth your time.

This story is from the July 2022 issue of Columbus Monthly.