Q&A: Giuliana Rancic Shares Marriage Tips, Highlights from Her Wedding

Staff Writer
Columbus Monthly
Giuliana and Bill Rancic will take the stage at The Columbus Bride Show to share relationship advice with Columbus couples.

When Giuliana and Bill Rancic wed in 2007, they experienced some immediate hurdles not many couples face: a long-distance relationship, intense work schedules and then, making time to film a new television show ("Giuliana and Bill"-ever heard of it?). Over the years, they've become television's modern-day golden couple, heading off challenges with grace and humor. They'll be at The Columbus Bride ShowJan. 4 to share their relationship insight with soon-to-be-newlyweds. Their visit is presented by Ashley Furniture HomeStore.Here, Giuliana gives us a sneak peek at what she and Bill will have in store for guests at the show.

When your show, "Giuliana and Bill," debuted, it focused on the everyday stresses of newlywed life-moving into a house, discussing family plans, making long-distance work obligations work. What advice do you have for newly engaged or recently wed couples?

Bill and I have a technique that really works for us; we call it "checking in." What that means is we always make time to check in with each other every day to talk about positives, negatives, what is going well, what we can change or work on. Communication is key for the foundation of a strong marriage, and it is really important to set the groundwork early on.

You've both referred to your show as a positive depiction of a marriage. To what do you attribute your relationship's success?

We try to stay grounded and focus on the foundation of our relationship. Fame and television shows may come and go, but we want our marriage to last forever-which is why we always put our relationship first.

As for your own wedding, what were the highlights? What did you wear?

Bill and I got married in Capri, Italy, which is a very special place for me because I was born in Italy and was raised there until I was 6 years old. I have very deep Italian roots and, of course, Capri is the most beautiful place in the world to me, so it was incredible to get married with such a breathtaking backdrop. I wore a strapless, full-skirt Monique Lhuillier gown that was classic and timeless, and I had my hair in an up-do.Bill wore a classic black tux.

What was the most priceless piece of advice you received prior to tying the knot?

Always put your family first. No matter what is going on in your life, make your spouse and your family your No. 1 priority.

What are your hopes for the show?

Our hope is that we can help some brides-to-be and couples out there learn something from our story. We had a lot of odds working against us-like the long distance and crazy work schedules-but we managed to make it work!