A Q&A with Columbus band MojoFlo

Staff Writer
Columbus Monthly

Choosing the entertainment for your reception is serious business. We sat down with Amber Knicole, vocalist and front woman for local band MojoFlo, to talk tunes.

How did MojoFlo get into the wedding business?

We joke that this is kind of like our best-kept secret, that we do weddings. We have been doing weddings since the band started [in 2009].

What songs always get people on the dance floor?

Definitely "I Want You Back" [by The Jackson 5], and we have a medley of funk tunes that we play, it's about five or six songs. We dubbed it the "MojoFlo Funk Dance Challenge."

What's your favorite thing about performing at a wedding?

Oh man, you know what? The kids are the cutest things ever on the dance floor. I think, too, the family aspect of it and the fact that this is everybody getting together to join families and to celebrate that joining of families. It's just the best part for me. Everybody's smiling. It's a good feeling.

What makes a wedding band really stellar?

Well, first I would say a great attitude. We are there to be the party, but we also have to bring a level of professionalism and decorum. It's not a free-for-all rock concert, it's someone's wedding.

How is the energy different when you have a live band?

You have an entire group of people on stage that are bringing the party. I definitely don't want to say that a DJ couldn't bring the party, but there is this untouchable energy with a live band.