Trending Now: Men's Wedding Bands

Staff Writer
Columbus Monthly
Andrew Foster found his sophisticated band at Diamonds Forever.

Men's wedding-band trends should be summed up thusly: masculine metals. Think, well, your dad-we're talking traditional-meets-modern. "Guys are interested in alternative metals," says Leo Alfred's Tamara Carlton. "But for something to represent their marriage and the wedding day, they're still going with gold, platinum and palladium." Here are three totally 2015 takes on the classic wedding band.

1. Leo Alfred Jewelers in Dublin offers hundreds of bands for men, like the aforementioned alternatives (including some cool chrome-cobalt rings), but it's their collection of the classics that's most striking. Opt for a traditional metal-like gold or platinum-with an antiqued or hammered finish, or try a two-tone ring with gold as the dominant metal.

2. Go the custom route at Worthington Jewelers, where they know how to have fun with jewelry design. On-site goldsmiths and gemologists are a plus, but it's staffers' awesome sense of how you can be trendy without going too far that keeps customers returning. Try setting a small stone into a simple gold or platinum band.

3. First and foremost, think about what you like. "Men like personalized rings, too," says Beth Cevasco of Scott's Custom Jewelers. "I did one for a gentleman who's a welder-it looks like hot welding all the way around the ring. He wasn't even going to wear a ring at first!" Cevasco also notes alternative metals have peaked: "Guys are going back to yellow gold," she says.