Planning Basics: Your Wedding Day Emergency Kit

Staff Writer
Columbus Monthly

What every bride should have in her big-day emergency kit.

  • Phone charger
  • Hair spray
  • Eye drops
  • Baby powder and blotting sheets to take care of pre-ceremony sweating
  • A miniature sewing kit (complete with spare buttons, safety pins and scissors) for snags, tears or-shudder-worse
  • Sunscreen-you're better safe than tan-lined.
  • A nail file and a clear top coat to ensure your manicure remains on point
  • Just-in-case meds, including a pain reliever, allergy pills and antacid
  • Extra bobby pins
  • Breath mints, not gum
  • Floss and a miniature mouthwash bottle
  • Makeup, including the lipstick or gloss you'll be rocking all day, eyeliner for touchups and matte-finish powder; Q-tips and a mini bottle of makeup remover are good bets, too.
  • Small Band-Aids for wedding-shoe blisters (Pro tip: Break those babies in before the big day!) or a friction stick for too-tight shoe straps
  • Cash and your ID-being a newlywed might not get you out of showing your ID at the door, should you and your wedding party hit the bars.