To Rent or To Buy?

Staff Writer
Columbus Monthly
Nicholas Simeon wore a tuxedo from Men's Wearhouse when he wed Nicole Fink on August 29, 2015.

When it comes to the wedding tux, that is the question

Your big day is approaching. You've got the venue picked out, the guest list is just right and the catering is settled. So fellas, what are you going to wear? Your attire can't be overlooked any more than your soon-to-be bride's. But are you buying or renting? Here some thoughts that might help you make that decision.


Renting is the most common choice for men. The cost savings is 10 to 30 percent-much lower than one might think. The largest consideration for renting vs. buying is whether you will wear it again in the future. If you aren't really a suit guy, then renting is your best option at around $200.

Another advantage to renting is that the groom and groomsmen will match perfectly. Be sure to get properly measured to ensure the best fit. Find a shop that has locations in multiple cities if groomsmen live out of town.


If you think you'll wear a tux for any occasion again, consider buying it. At only $100 more for entry level tuxedos, you will own your James Bond attire from your special day forever. And face it-when the tux you're wearing is your own, and not the same thing some other guy was married in last week, it puts a little extra strut in your step.

Your bride is buying her dress, a dress she'll only wear once, because it's the most important day of her life. You should consider buying for the very same reason.