Ring Care 101

Staff Writer
Columbus Monthly
Meghan and Nate Caldwell purchased their rings from Wieland Jewelers in Greenville.

Since you'll likely wear your engagement or wedding rings every day, it's important to learn how to maintain them. We asked Vicki Poliseno from Jeff Johnson & Co. jewelers to share her expert tips.

DO: Get your ring insured. "First and foremost, take that appraisal and get your ring insured. Despite what people think, a diamond can be damaged, stolen or misplaced," says Poliseno. She also highly recommends obtaining a separate insurance rider for them.

DO: Make sure your rings fit properly. Even the most expensive ring won't be enjoyed if it's too tight or too loose to fit properly on your finger. "Knowing and maintaining the correct ring size is very important to keeping your ring in good condition," Poliseno says. "If it's too big, your ring can slide off your finger when your hands are wet or cold, or be bent or damaged."

DO: Use warm water and mild dish soap to clean your ring in between professional cleanings. A soft bristle toothbrush can help you access hard-to-reach areas. Poliseno says, "Never use cleaners with abrasives (or) toothpaste, as they can scratch your rings."

DO NOT: Use chlorine to clean your rings. Explains Poliseno, "Chlorine can damage the alloy metal used with the gold and make it brittle, causing cracks and breaks in the ring." Ring owners should also avoid exposure to chlorine in pools and hot tubs whenever possible; consider leaving rings in your in-room safe when hitting the Jacuzzi together, honeymooners.

DO: Visit your jeweler a couple of times each year for a professional cleaning and inspection. "This restores the brilliance to your jewelry and ensures that it's in good condition," Poliseno says. "Professional cleaning can be done as often as you like, and shouldalso be done if the ring has been bumped, knocked or hit on something." Many jewelers offer this as a free service to customers.

DO NOT: Clean your jewelry over the sink. Open drains are not your friend.

DO: Be aware of your movements. Activities such as housework, lifting weights or biking can wear away or damage a ring's metal, causing structural issues over time. "Try to be mindful of the way you do any activity where you may be banging your ring into a hard surface, (as it can) cause damage to the prongs or shank of the ring," Poliseno says. "Your finger is now home to a precious work of art. It's important to be mindful in order to protect it."