Raising the Bar with Specialty Cocktails

Staff Writer
Columbus Monthly

Add another personal touch to the reception.

No longer is champagne the highlighted drink of choice at weddings. While the bubbly certainly makes for a nice toast, variety is the name of the game now. Nary is a nuptial completed without offering an additional specialty cocktail these days.

For Kimberly and Tom Mahler, married July 18, 2015, at the Athletic Club of Columbus,the choice was easy. "It was my idea to do the specialty cocktail," says Kimberly. "I've enjoyed them at other events I've been to, so I decided it was a trend I was on board with following."

It wasn't hard for guests to realize that the specialty of the day was a Tiki-style Moscow Mule. "We highlighted its availability with a large sign that had the cocktail name and key ingredients," says Kimberly. "The sign was actually hand-painted by our amazing floral designer, Heather Edgar of Evergreen Flower Co."

Mahler says Emily Knapp of the Athletic Club of Columbus was helpful in nailing down the drink choice. "I told Emily a few of my favorite cocktails [Moscow Mule, Dark & Stormy, Mint Mojito], emphasizing that if it involves lime and/or ginger, then I'm probably on board. They took it from there and came up with a fun twist-a Tiki-style Moscow Mule."

"I loved it, and so did everybody I talked to about it," says Kimberly. "I like that it gives people the opportunity to branch out from their tried-and-true beverage of choice and try something new."

The drink was a hit, she says-so much so that Tom has perfected his own version of their wedding cocktail and now mixes them up at home.