Matte Makeup Matters

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Columbus Monthly

The newest makeup trend is a hit for winter and spring looks alike.

Every bride wants to put her best face forward on her wedding day. Luckily for engaged gals everywhere, matte makeup lets them do just that.

This "flat," no-shimmer look, popularized by the likes of Kylie Jenner and Katy Perry, complements brides of almost every age and skin type, says Leigh Ehmann, owner and freelance makeup artist at Make You.

"I'm excited that the beauty gods out there made this matte revolution," Ehmann says.

Turns out, this trend in the celeb beauty world also is the perfect option to help brides shine (err ... not shine?) on the big day.

"It has no illuminating formula, so it's super flattering on everyone," says Jaden Chui, licensed esthetician and spa advancement team member at the Charles Penzone Grand Salon in Dublin. "Who wants to look shiny on their wedding day?"

"Dewy or shimmery makeup can actually show more signs of aging in people that have wrinkles," notes Christine Carpenter, founder and lead artist of Columbus Traveling Beauty Team. "Matte makeup is also great for camera, because some dewy or shimmery makeup can actually reflect on the camera and look a little harsh." This is known as "flashback," and in extreme cases it can completely wash out your face in photos.

Are you a winter bride? Opt for cooler tones, particularly in the gray hues, for the eyes. Deep reds and burgundy work well for matte lip shades, Chui says.

For spring, think pink. "Pinker and peachier tones are great," says Carpenter. "One of my favorites is using even mauvier colors with our spring brides. It's so complementary and a true innocent look."

To add a bit of freshness to a spring look, Ehmann suggests just a pop of dewy highlight on the cheeks, noting the contrast with the matte can help accentuate the entire look.

Oh, and perhaps the best part of matte makeup? It can last 12 to 16 hours, Carpenter says (depending on the brand, of course). Play your cards right and you'll only need a few touch-ups on those partner-smooching lips.

The Pros' Fave Matte Products

Jaden Chui: Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics

"I personally love the line, specifically [the] Timeless eyeshadow quad with three beautiful mattes: an off-white, a mid-tone brown and a darker brown."

Christine Carpenter: Benefit Benetint

"Lip tints are great for matte because they adhere to the lip better and keep that nice look."

Leigh Ehmann: Jeffree Starr Cosmetics

"Jeffree Star's line has a really good matte lip. They stay forever."