Tasty Trends in Wedding Cakes

Brittany Timmons
Julie and Manjul Bhusal Sharma's cake fit their tropical wedding theme, with passionfruit and mango fillings.

When it comes to cake flavors, a standard white cake with buttercream frosting might do the trick for some, while others crave more creative confections. Thankfully, whether your preference is adventurous or traditional, Columbus bakeries offer the full spectrum of flavors to please you and your guests.

While classic cake flavors such as almond and chocolate top the request list, Jan Kish of Jan Kish-La Petite Fleur finds that flavorful icings or fillings paired with traditional cake flavors are also big sellers. “The chocolate with a mocha buttercream seems to be very popular,” she says, adding that many people seem to enjoy “velvet spice with a salty caramel in the fall or something like a lemon buttercream for the summer.”

Sue Baisden, owner of Capital City Cakes, says that in addition to the usual suspects, her bakery's “swirl flavors” find popularity among the wedding crowd. “They are basic white cakes, but we add raspberry or lemon [puree] into it,” she explains. “It is a nice, subtle alternative to a layer of filling.”

If you can't decide on just one flavor, or like the idea of offering options for your guests, a multi-tiered cake might be a good solution. When choosing flavors, Laura Molter, wedding consultant at Our CupCakery, suggests a three-pronged approach: “Something seasonal or fruity, something with chocolate, and something simple for the wedding cake purists,” she says. “I think three flavors is the best bet to please the couple and an assortment of guests, without the confusion of too many options.”

But don't be afraid to get creative, says Baisden.

“We call ourselves ‘the Baskin Robbins of flavors,' because we have 30 to 40 different flavors,” she says. “[Clients] come up with some creative things: a chocolate layer with an orange or coconut [filling], a pineapple with coconut buttercream.”

Other unique offerings include Kish's Persian Love Cake, which incorporates rose water, cardamom and cinnamon flavors with a pistachio buttercream or marzipan.

For the adventurous, Molter suggests Our CupCakery's pink champagne cake, which is light and baked with wine and strawberry, or the Irish cream buttercream and chocolate Guinness cake.

Family recipes can be great inspirations for wedding cake flavors, too. “Maybe you were brought up on a recipe you liked all your life. That can be a lot of fun if you want to incorporate your nationality and heritage into the cake,” Kish says.

Molter recounts a family-inspired cake request that involved boxed chocolate cake mix and a jar of cherry pie filling. “It was pretty good!” she says.

Still can't decide? There's always the local classic. “Here in Columbus, buckeye cakes are very popular,” says Baisden.