The Athletic Club of Columbus is Rejuvenated and Ready for Action

Rylan Lee
Andrea and Steve Lemasters held their July 2017 reception at the Athletic Club of Columbus.

This story first appeared in the Fall/Winter 2018 issue of Columbus Weddings, published in June 2018.

Versatile in use but steadfast in its classic aesthetic, the newly renovated Athletic Club of Columbus is poised to host a day of memories.

The private social and athletic club—housed in a six-story Downtown building, the longevity of which earned it a place in the National Registry of Historic Places—is open to nonmembers who wish to host a wedding reception in its Italian-influenced, Spanish Renaissance Revival environs.

“There's always something we're looking to improve,” says Lisa Sullivan, events manager for the ACC. In May, the club wrapped up its latest round of renovations of the 100-plus-year-old building, which improved some of the members-only commodities as well as the first floor space that greets the venue's visitors.

While most of the ACC's facilities and restaurants are exclusive to members, the building also houses event spaces on its second floor that are available to everyone—meaning a wedding is the perfect excuse to enjoy the luxurious aesthetic of the typically exclusive club.

In fact, the ACC hosts around 50 weddings each year thanks to a versatile ballroom space.

“[The ballroom] can divide into two spaces, so it really easily can accommodate ceremonies and receptions,” explains Sullivan.

The large, L-shaped ballroom, ideal for parties of around 250, features a carpeted dining section and a hardwood lounge space, complete with a picturesque fireplace, that's perfect for post-dinner dancing.

The ACC also offers on-site catering, says Sullivan.

Along with the main ballroom, there are six smaller “parlor” rooms on the second floor that wedding parties can use. They can fill a variety of wedding-day needs, from a kids' entertainment space to a bridal party room to a space for vendors to eat.

For couples wanting to take their big day to the next level, the possibilities for entertaining extend beyond the second-floor ballrooms. The big crowd-pleaser? “The basement floor,” says Sullivan, which is brimming with after-party potential.

“It's got the bowling alley, it has a billiards table and it has the ping-pong table,” Sullivan says. There you can jam out to your favorite tunes either through the house system—you can use the club's Spotify or simply hook up your own phone—and enjoy personal slideshows or classic movies on the two large screens that drop down over the bowling lanes. And don't pass on the full-service bar, which can serve drinks and delectable late-night snacks to quell stomach rumblings.

Several floors above, couples and some of their guests have overnight options as well.

“Our top floor has eight hotel rooms: four regular rooms and four suites,” says Sullivan. The newlyweds receive a complimentary room for the night of the wedding, but couples also can rent out rooms to get ready before the wedding or to put up other guests that night.

With a variety of spaces, the Athletic Club of Columbus offers not only a glamorous backdrop for your wedding day, but also the ability to make the day uniquely yours.

“There's nothing like it in the city,” says Sullivan.