Wedding Wisdom Wednesday: 7 Questions Your Stylist Will Ask

Local wedding pros share insight and tips for planning your wedding.

Alyssa Arnold
A bride and her 'maids at Square One Salon

Congratulations! You’re engaged and you’ve started planning one of the most important days of your life. No matter how much thought you’ve put into how you want to look, your stylist probably will have questions for you. When you’re preparing for your hair or makeup trial, make sure you have the answers to the seven questions below to help your stylist understand your vision and make you look like your most beautiful self on your wedding day.   

When is your big day?  

This is important to your stylist because it lets them know what climate they will be working with. If you’re having a June wedding, your stylist’s approach will be different than for someone who is having a November wedding. PRO TIP: If you’re having a wedding during a time that may have you sweating more, you might think about wearing your hair off your neck.     

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Are you having an indoor or outdoor wedding? 

Once again, the elements of Ohio weather are at play here. If you’re having an outdoor wedding, your hair and your makeup will have to withstand whatever weather comes along. Your makeup will have to stay on your face all day, even with sweating and tears, so that will change the products used. If you’re having an indoor wedding, even in the heat of summer, that affects the products being used. Your stylist wants you to look as good at the end of the night as you did when you left the salon.   

What are your wedding colors? 

This is most important for your makeup artist. When planning out your makeup, you might want to match or incorporate some of the colors you’re using for your wedding. Makeup artists don’t want anything to clash, either. If your colors are navy and coral, for example, a bold red lip might not be the best option.   

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What time is your wedding?   

If you’re at the salon or at your venue and you’re done getting ready by 11 a.m. but your pictures aren’t until 3 p.m., your look needs to last through all the things you’ll be doing until then. That means maybe you need a few extra bobby pins, or your curls need to stay in a set and not be brushed out, or maybe your makeup artist will need to send you with the lip products they used on you. PRO TIP: Ask your stylist for extra powder, or if there is a powder they would recommend, for you to use throughout the day to keep the shine from your natural oils at bay. If you’re not into buying the lip product they use on you, ask for some to take with you for touch-ups.

Do you want to wear your hair up or down?   

Just because you’re getting married doesn’t mean that your hair has to be in an updo. If you like that look, that is great! If you’ve had your hair up in the past and feel you look like a potato, don’t be pressured to have it all up again. This is about making you feel the most beautiful, not following what you see in those perfect Pinterest pictures. On that note: Pictures are a great tool, and you should definitely be looking at pictures to bring to your stylist. But make sure you are looking at pictures in your hair color. If you are a brunette looking at blonde highlighted pictures, that style might not translate onto your hair the way you’d like.    

A groom and his groomsmen at Square One Salon

What kind of skin do you have?  

This is an essential question when choosing makeup products. Again, your stylist wants you to look as good at the end of the night as you did when you left the salon. How your skin will handle the product on your face is a big part of that. If you tend to be more oily, you will need more powder and matte products because your natural oils could break down cream products. PRO TIP: Prep your skin! four to six months out from your wedding, pay a visit to an aesthetician and talk to them about your current skin and your ideal skin for your wedding day. Get on a routine of taking care of your skin with products they recommend and getting facials. The easiest way to have great makeup on your wedding day is by taking care of your skin.    

What are three words you would use to describe how you want to feel on your big day?  

This question helps your stylist round out what you want to look like and, more importantly, how you want to feel. A bride should feel beautiful, confident and comfortable with how her stylist has brought her vision to life. 

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Create your look for your big day with your stylist. Make sure you’re planning a trial before your wedding day to give you and your stylist and makeup artist plenty of time to perfect your vision. Don’t be afraid to look at pictures and talk to your stylist about them. They are there to help you feel the most beautiful.  

Alyssa Arnold is a stylist and makeup artist at Square One Salon and Spa, which has locations in New Albany and Downtown Columbus. An Aveda salon, Square One is 100% vegan and offers spa services in addition to wedding-day hair and makeup, standard salon services and men’s services. They believe their customers deserve undivided attention, total satisfaction and a permanent place as a member in their family.