Best of Columbus Weddings Winner: The Conspiracy Band

The Conspiracy Band took first place in the Band category.

Rylan Lee
The Conspiracy Band

With a long history of serenading Columbus ears, it’s no shock that the winner of our Best Band category is The Conspiracy Band.

“It’s been 30 years [and] it’s amazing to stay in business,” reflects manager and member Rodney Sutton.

Sutton has been with the band since the beginning, back when it had only a few members and a different name. “I was a member of Crossfire all along,” he reminisces. Since then, he’s watched and aided as the band grew to its current state: a conglomeration of 25 members who play a minimum of 30 to 40 weddings in a typical a year.

Nowadays, it’s a tossup whether you’ll find Sutton crunching some numbers or crooning to an audience. In 2014, he began handling the day-to-day operations of the band with his wife and created an entertainment LLC to manage The Conspiracy Band, among others.

As musician and manager, Sutton’s longstanding history with The Conspiracy Band has given him keen insight into the band’s success. And although he’s in the business of making others listen, Sutton attributes the band’s popularity to a bit of a role reversal. “[It’s] listening, actually listening [to clients],” says Sutton. “Each client is so different, each family is so different, each event is so different.”

It’s for this very same reason—the individuality of every wedding, every couple—that Rodney built some versatility into the band. “People are asking so much for variety and a different approach … so we’ve really been able to shape different teams for different events,” he explains. The band’s 25 members actually make up different versions of The Conspiracy Band, each attuned to a different style.

After hearing of the band’s win, Sutton’s appreciation for the band’s standing in the Columbus community was overflowing. “I’m just so grateful for the community and just really grateful [for] all the support,” Sutton says emphatically.

The Conspiracy Band