Best of Columbus Weddings Winner: 614 Boudoir Photography

Once again, 614 Boudoir Photography took first place in the Photographer: Boudoir category.vvvv

Virginia Brown
614 Boudoir Photography

Kristin Gibson started shooting boudoir-style photography in 2014, but a big reason why 614 Boudoir Photography won first place in this category for the second year in a row, she says, is because the business is about much more than photos. “My mission extends far beyond just sexy photos and focuses on empowering women to feel confident in their bodies and [with their] sexuality,” Gibson says.   

In her Gahanna-based studio, there’s no judgement or expectation for perfection; rather, Gibson focuses on expression. “Women and couples can feel free to be themselves,” she says. “I will never judge anyone for their stories, situations or choices. My job is to simply document their session the way they want to be seen.” 

Outside the studio, she also hosts a women-only VIP Facebook group for her clients; there, women can ask questions, get wardrobe advice, view other clients’ images and albums, and feel empowered.  

614 Boudoir Photography

As for last year, Gibson says it “was definitely a difficult time to own a business that was non-essential, but my clients truly value the service I provide and want that experience,” she notes. “While I had many reschedules … everyone followed through with their sessions when it was safe and healthy to do so.”  

Gibson suggests booking a boudoir session at least six weeks prior to your scheduled ceremony date, since she typically books up two to three months in advance.  

Interested in boudoir, but not sure it’s the right fit for you? “I am always willing to chat through the experience and answer questions to help you decide if I'm the right photographer for you,” Gibson says.