Best of Columbus Weddings Winner: Buckeye Donuts

Long a staple of OSU’s campus, Buckeye Donuts took first place for the first time in the Catering: Late-Night Bites category.

Peter Tonguette
Buckeye Donuts

You’ve cut the wedding cake and sipped the Champagne—now it’s time for an end-of-night snack to complete the party. Buckeye Donuts, an OSU campus-area mainstay, offers a catering service guaranteed to keep guests satiated with doughy, sugary goodness as the evening draws to a close. “We’re ready for action,” says manager Pete Barouxis, whose family owns the shop. “Lay it on us, and we’ll do what we can.”  

Buckeye Donuts caters several dozen weddings per year. Numbers have gone down during the coronavirus pandemic, but before that, wedding-related orders would come in fairly regularly—“at least once every other week,” says Barouxis. He declines to name favorite doughnuts of brides and grooms, but who can blame him? The shop offers a panoply of packages, including random assortments of the shop’s best and most popular sellers to fancy varieties, including red velvet, apple fritter and, of course, buckeye doughnuts. There’s something for everyone’s inner Homer Simpson. 

More specific requests can be accommodated, too. “If you call ahead, we might be able to secure color for frosting or color for filling or special sprinkles,” Barouxis says. Some couples want doughnuts individually wrapped; one couple constructed a wall of doughnuts. “They had them all in these rings, and then the guests would take the doughnuts,” Barouxis says. “We can do things like that, but [couples] have to tell us ahead of time.” No matter how the doughnuts are wrapped or arranged, though, they are sure to satisfy any bearers of sweet teeth in your party.