Best of Columbus Weddings Winner: The Candle Lab / Penn and Beech Candle Co.

The create-your-own-scent studio with multiple Central Ohio locations won first place in the Local Gifts and Favors category.

Nancy Byron
The Candle Lab

Scent is a powerful component to creating the right atmosphere, yet it’s often overlooked in wedding planning. 

“The focus is on the food, drink, flowers, décor,” says Sarah Chait, director of marketing and customer experience for The Candle Lab, which is rebranding this summer as Penn and Beech Candle Co. “Couples don’t always think about what the space is going to smell like.” 

At Penn and Beech’s Candle Lab, couples can custom mix their own signature scent using any combination of 140 different fragrances, then hand-pour that scent into candles. Large candles can be used to gently scent the reception space, while smaller versions can be given as bridal party gifts or guest favors. 

“It’s a popular choice for wedding favors, because candles last a long time,” Chait says. “A four-ounce candle is going to burn for 30 hours. If you go to a wedding and get a chocolate bar, you eat it and then move on. But when you take a candle home that’s the same signature scent as the wedding, it reminds you of that day. It’s a nice way of playing into that memory.” 

Penn and Beech purchased The Candle Lab in January 2021 and has five stores: three in Columbus and two in Indianapolis.  

“The first step is to go into one of our stores and create a custom scent,” Chait says. Scents can be representative of the couple’s favorite fragrances, reflect the style of the wedding venue or the couple, be related to the time of the year when the wedding is taking place—or any combination of these.  

“If they’re doing a beach wedding, they might want light and floral and maybe something that smells like the sea,” Chait says. “Cranberry and roasted chestnut, to me, is more of an October/November wedding. But it’s a very personal, specific thing for every couple.”