Best of Columbus Weddings Winner: The Conspiracy Band

It’s no scheme; The Conspiracy Band tied for first place in the Band category.

Peter Tonguette
The Conspiracy Band

The Conspiracy Band, part of the Sutton Entertainment Group family of bands, is a 12-piece ensemble (plus DJ) that balances top-notch musicality with maximum flexibility. The band members take pride in being able to appeal to nearly any musical preference, from rock and country to jazz and hip-hop.  

“Couples love to be included in the planning, picking music, flow of the evening—those type of things,” says Rodney Sutton, the manager and owner of Sutton Entertainment Group (and himself a lead vocalist and emcee). “That’s been one of our fortes.” 

Sutton, whose company was founded some 31 years ago, credits his longevity in the wedding industry to his willingness to listen to couple’s wants and desires. “The only way, actually, to stay in this business is to evolve as the years go by,” he says. “I’ve seen generations change, and newer generations now want a lot of input. But we give them that.” 

And when Sutton says he welcomes input, he means it: Couples are not only given the chance to express their musical tastes but also offer details about their lives and love story. “They know they can be included,” Sutton says. “They know they can pick their songs and put their own touch on their reception.” 

When your party features The Conspiracy Band, then, you can expect a bit more than just great sounds. “A lot of interaction, a lot of, ‘Hey, we want you to be a part of it,’ ” Sutton says. “We go after the crowd. We make them watch us. We do things that turn heads.”