Best of Columbus Weddings Winner: Diamond Cellar

With two area locations, Diamond Cellar won first place in the Rings, Custom and Accessories jewelry categories.

Nancy Byron
Diamond Cellar

Winning in three categories this year—rings and custom jewelry for the second year in a row, plus the new category of accessories—Diamond Cellar clearly is a favorite among area couples. 

“We are fortunate enough to help hundreds of couples every year get engaged and then married,” says Alex Johnson, partner and president of the family-owned business that’s expanded to five locations in three states since its 1947 founding.  

Part of the company’s success—and what helps it stand apart—is its ability to change with the times. 

“We are evolving our stores to a ‘less is more’ approach,” Johnson says, noting many jewelry stores overwhelm customers by cramming as many rings as possible into the showcase. “If you walk into our flagship store, you’ll notice that it is rather homey, relaxed and thoughtfully laid out. We have an open kitchen in our showroom where we bake cookies and other treats for our guests. We offer water, Champagne or even cocktails to our guests—even if they are just browsing.” 

Diamond Cellar

Diamond Cellar’s price-match guarantee and in-house repairs are also big selling points for couples. 

“Everything that we produce or sell is made to last a lifetime when properly cared for,” Johnson says. “We do not send any of our pieces out to a third-party jewelry shop.” 

Being able to create custom pieces right in the store is another Diamond Cellar hallmark.  

“There is an inexplicable joy to be seen when watching a couple talk to a designer goldsmith and watching their faces light up as the goldsmith sketches their ideation right before their eyes,” Johnson says.  

Scouring the globe for one-of-a-kind accessory pieces is also a source of excitement. 

“Several times a year, my team and I will travel all across the world to trade shows, micro events and exclusive launches, all in the pursuit of finding the perfect products,” Johnson says.  

“I’d like to see this business grow into new markets,” he adds. “And I’d like to set a new standard for what the customer journey should be when shopping for jewelry in America.”