Best of Columbus Weddings Winner: The Flowerman

A stunning write-in campaign in 2020 was reflected with huge reader support this year, earning The Flowerman first place in the Florist category.

Rebecca Walters
The Flowerman

For brides on a budget, The Flowerman delivers by offering do-it-yourself bouquet-making. Owned by husband and wife team Steve and Jane Smith, The Flowerman, with locations in Columbus and Dayton, has been in business for nearly 40 years.  

The Flowerman, which won the florists category, works with local and international growers and can get any type of flower a bride requests, but also advises budget-minded brides on how to save money. 

“We help brides bring their vision to life with whatever budget they have to work with,” Steve Smith says. “We guide them on ways to save money; for example, choosing flowers that are in season versus out of season.” 

While the florist also offers full-service bridal services—seen in our celebratory photo shoot at Hotel LeVeque—about 90 percent of brides opt for the DIY experience. It’s a benefit not just because couples want to save money, but because they enjoy learning the art of arranging flowers and how to care for them. 

Initial consultations are free. For DIY weddings, a few days prior,  brides and up to five guests are invited back for a bouquet-making party, where they can bring snacks and drinks and enjoy spending time with one another. The Flowerman experts teach them how to make bridal and bridesmaid bouquets, centerpieces, boutonnieres, altar arrangements or whatever other pieces they’d like. “It’s a real bonding experience,” Smith says.  

The day of the wedding, couples (or their delegates) can pick up their arrangements or have them delivered to the venue.  

In addition to DIY, The Flowerman also offers bulk flower sales, like boxes of roses or hydrangeas, that clients can purchase and take home to arrange themselves. Couples can also mix-and-match their options, such as creating their own centerpieces and relying on The Flowerman to create their bouquets. 

“It’s an honor knowing that couples had a wonderful experience, and to know that they voted for us means so much,” Smith says.