Best of Columbus Weddings Winner: JesMarried

For the first time, JesMarried took first place in the Stationer category.

Dana Randall

Jes McGinley, owner of custom illustration and stationery brand JesMarried, has been drawing and painting since she was 13 and today has a background in graphic design and web design. However, it wasn’t until she was engaged that McGinley realized her love for wedding stationery. 

“When I was planning my own wedding, I created a specific gift that I was giving my bridal party and that was my entrance into the wedding world,” she explains. “My bridesmaids were like ‘Oh my gosh, you need to sell this,’ so I ended up getting on Etsy and sold a lot of custom drawings, what I call my back-facing drawings.”  

The drawings—illustrations of a bride in her gown, or a bride with her bridesmaid, mother or grandmother—are customized for each client and are a favorite among staff at Columbus Weddings. They have been featured in past Etsy Eight roundups on ColumbusWeddingsMag.com, as have other custom illustrations of bouquets and illustrative signs for things like signature cocktails or cupcake flavors. This year, readers caught on to McGinley’s talent, voting her as the top stationer for the first time. 

McGinley started JesMarried as an Etsy shop in 2015 and, after side-hustling while working in the corporate sector for five years, decided to take her business full-scale last year. 

“That was kind of the evolution—started with drawings then evolved into invitations, and I love that. I'm still able to incorporate my marker drawing into my invitations,” says McGinley. “My custom drawings, and my invitations, are an element that mixes the wedding vibe and theme, paired with the couple's personality. That usually means I'm including a pet portrait or even their hobbies or how they met in a love story map. I love taking their personal love story and showing it in an elevated way that still matches with their wedding vibe.” 

A notable element of Jes’ invitation suites is her use of markers, a rare find in terms of technique and medium among wedding stationers, which lend both realistic and graphic qualities to her illustrations.