Best of Columbus Weddings Winner: Starling Studio

Starling Studio tied for first place in the Photographer: General category.

Virginia Brown
Starling Studio

Photographer and Starling Studio owner Tessa Berg came to the wedding business by way of photojournalism. Having worked for years as an editorial magazine photographer—including for Dispatch Magazines, which publishes Columbus Weddings—she has captured the stories of military homecomings, drag queens, and even a high school student battling AIDS.

“I am confident that there is no situation I can’t handle,” she says. “I am professional and add a lot of value to my clients in terms of planning their wedding day and giving them a wonderful and fun experience.” 

Columbus Weddings staff got to see that professionalism firsthand this spring, when Berg shot the Best of Columbus Weddings styled session featuring multiple first-place winners. 

Now a decade into her wedding photography career, it comes as no surprise that what she loves most about her work is … love. “I celebrate all identities and love stories,” Berg says. “I’m out to capture crazy-in-love people. I value and advocate for diversity. I stand for equality, inclusion and love of all kinds.” 

Starling Studio

And Berg doesn’t simply focus on posed shots; it’s her mission to capture an immersive memory with each click of the shutter. “My goal is to have couples be able to look back at their images and remember how they felt in that moment,” she says. “I don’t just want my clients to pose for a photo. I want the entire time we are taking portraits to be a fun experience.” 

Rather than jumping on any particular trend, this winner, who tied for first place in the general photography category, centers on photos that are full of joyful, authenticity and timelessness.