Wedding Wisdom Wednesday: Achieving Pinterest Perfection

Local wedding pros share insight and tips for planning your wedding.

Chloe Horvath
My take on a Pinterest photo a client asked me to recreate; the actual Pin is below.

Picture this: You’re planning your wedding and scrolling through Pinterest, looking at poses for your wedding photography. You come across an image that you think is perfect, and you want to recreate it. You show your photographer on the big day and they oblige in recreating it, but when you see the finished photo, you’re a bit disappointed because it doesn’t look exactly like the photo from Pinterest. This is a common issue for couples today.  

Everyone loves Pinterest! It has so much great information for DIYs, reception tablescapes, the latest wedding trends and, of course, those must-have poses. Some photographers (myself included) encourage couples to look online for poses they might like, but only to inspire them and to get them thinking about what shots might fit them best.  

While Pinterest can be a great resource for inspiration, it shouldn’t be used to replicate exactly. Here’s why: You are not those people in that photo. Your venue is most likely not the same. Your photographer is probably not the same, and actually may have a completely different shooting and editing style. The lighting also might be way different. All of those factors will result in a different photo than the one you fell in love with online. If you’re set on recreating photos from Pinterest, that’s great! But it’s important to remember that even a diligent re-creation may look different. 

My take on a Pinterest photo a client asked me to recreate; the original Pin is below.

A lot of times, we get caught up in those “perfect” photos that we see on Pinterest and we lose sight of what we truly want, not just for wedding photography, but also for the cake, flowers, dress, hair and makeup, just to name a few. For some people, Pinterest represents perfection and how to obtain it. All we see are these fancy tablescapes, massive bouquets and diamond rings, photos taken on a cliff or in the woods somewhere, and while all those things are great, they represent another couple and their love story, not necessarily yours. 

Everything about your wedding day should be unique to you and your fiancé. No wedding should look the same as any other. Your wedding day details should represent your love story, and your photos should help tell that story.  

Photography captures moments; when you look back on your wedding photos, you should remember how you felt that day and the memories that you made. You should love your photos not because they look exactly the same as some perfect gallery online, but because they represent who you are as a couple. 

My take on a Pinterest photo a client asked me to recreate; the original Pin is below.

Your wedding-day photos are really your first family heirloom; they’ll be passed down for generations. Make sure that those photos mean something to you. Your wedding is going to be perfect, simply because it’s yours.  

Chloe Horvath has run Chloe Horvath Photography from her home in Lancaster for the last five years. To her, wedding photography is much more than taking pictures—it's about telling a love story. And not just the love story of the couple marrying, but also those between mother and son, father and daughter, grandparent and grandchildren—the love stories of families. When she’s not helping couples tell their love stories, Chloe enjoys hiking, binge-watching her favorite shows and good books with huge cups of coffee.