Wedding Wisdom Wednesday: 5 Tips for a Stress-Free Morning

Local wedding pros share insight and tips for planning your wedding.

Carla Kowski
Alea Beauty provides luxury, on-site hair and makeup services.

As a former wedding planner and the owner of a wedding hair and makeup company—and as a recent bride myself!—I know how important it is to start your wedding day off right. Your getting-ready time sets the tone for the rest of the day, so here are my top five tips to set your day up right.

  1. Get your beauty sleep.
    This one actually starts the night before, but is maybe the most crucial. Don’t go stressing yourself out about how much sleep you get; rather, be realistic and make sure to wind down early. Leave the partying for earlier in the week and plan a peaceful evening for yourself on the night before your wedding. A nice, warm bath with some soothing herbal tea and candles will set you down the relaxation path. Save the bubbly for the big day, because alcohol has been shown to contribute to poor sleep quality.
  2. Set a realistic timeline.
    No one likes getting up early, but it is much better to catch the early worm than to try to cram too many things into a short timeframe. If your hair and makeup team tells you they need four hours to get your bridal party ready, don’t try to squeeze them into three—it will leave everyone feeling rushed and can compromise their work. Trust the professionals you’ve hired and plan accordingly.
  3. Hire professionals.
    Your old friend from college may have offered to do your makeup for free, but do you really want to take that chance on your wedding day? It is always best to go with the pros. If you are asking friends and family to work on the wedding day, you’re setting yourself up for issues. Professionals have contracts that ensure they are on time and there to make you happy. Too often, brides try to cut corners to save some money and wind up ruining friendships over it. It’s not worth it! Hire the pros.
  4. Delegate!
    Once the big day has finally arrived, it’s time to turn the reins over to a trusted representative. Whether that be your wedding planner, mom or maid of honor, let them lead the charge for you. Hand over the timeline and your phone, then sit back and enjoy the day. All your months of planning and hard work have led up to this event; don’t miss it by trying to micromanage the details.
  5. The makeup chair is sacred.
    OK, this one is personal. As a makeup artist, I see time and time again where the bride sits down to get her makeup done and the flood of questions start coming in. Your artist cannot work on your face while you are talking and moving around. Make the makeup chair sacred! This may be the last quiet moment you get for the rest of the day, so cherish it. Relax and think about the things you are most excited about. This is not the time to be reading letters, talking to vendors, eating or worrying about something you forgot. This is your moment to relax and take in your thoughts while your artist does their magic. Do not cheat yourself of this time. This is a sacred space, and you deserve to be pampered!
Alea Beauty provides luxury, on-site hair and makeup services.

Carla Kowski is the owner of Alea Beauty, a luxury hair and makeup service that specializes in on-site styling and being a go-to glam squad for brides. Alea means ascending, and Alea Beauty is all about helping you reach that next level and feel your most fabulous on your wedding day. Alea Beauty’s talented team of professional hair and makeup artists take the time to get to know each client, because they want their brides to have the most fun, relaxing and magical beauty experience for their special day … and because you deserve to feel fabulous.