Wedding Wisdom Wednesday: Incorporating Personal Style

Local wedding pros share insight and tips for planning your wedding.

Lisa Johnson
Incorporating a family tartan pattern provides a nod to heritage.

What an exciting time to have a wedding! The pandemic’s disruption of the wedding industry is giving way to a new normal for Central Ohio weddings—one that focuses on fewer “rules,” more DIY and the perfect backdrop to embracing your own style. It’s no longer necessary to keep doing things “the way they’ve always been done. Instead, ceremonies and receptions are becoming an avant-garde experience. It isn’t a “must” to have a Champagne toast, butler-passed appetizers or multicourse meals; a wedding ceremony can even be in the middle of the cocktail hour, if that’s what you want!

Even meals are changing as the increased demand for weddings in 2022 shifts focus away from the Saturday evening dinners—though those remain popular—to include Sunday brunch, weekday lunch, or heavy appetizer or multicourse dinner events.

Personal touches can include elements like steampunk details and bright colors.

Shaking things up and adding your own personal style often make for events that guests enjoy more than traditional formats of the past. At New Era Golf, we’re seeing aesthetics that run the gamut: boho chic, formal, old Hollywood, steampunk, western, uptown, downtown, country and everything in between.

Perhaps people are more in tune to their likes and dislikes and are more wary of being pigeonholed into the same old, same old of decades past. Perhaps people are more passionate about creating and incorporating their own style. Whatever the reason, we are loving the trend!

Other personal touches we’ve seen include:

  • Painting wine bottles or cutting them to serve as vases
  • Homemade wedding favors, like jam, granola, tea bags or candles
  • Bridesmaids choosing their own attire from a color palette, versus the identical outfits (that don’t necessarily flatter everyone) and matching dyed shoes as in years past
  • Unique alternatives to drink tickets, like personalized guitar picks or buckeye nuts—items that reflect the passions that bind the couple
Personal style, like cowboy hats and boots, can set your wedding apart.

Pre-pandemic, we saw the start of a big trend to create, reuse and DIY décor, and it’s definitely been continuing in the years since. Between online shopping that can deliver most art supplies to your front door and the rise of online thrifting outlets, there is little that is unattainable for art mediums.

Not a fan of flowers? Get creative with centerpiece ideas.

The pandemic discouraged gatherings and then continued to minimize the opulence of an enormous guest list. Perhaps, with a shorn guest list, many have found the ease of creating less daunting, since it is for more intimate settings. Maybe having done with far less in the pandemic, we have embraced simplicity.

Whatever the impetus, it is exciting and refreshing to see. May we all be present in the beautiful gift of getting to know the happy couple that much more.

Lisa Johnson is the private events sales director for New Era Golf, which includes Royal American Links, Clover Valley Golf Club, Golf Club of Dublin, Glenross Golf Club, New Albany Links and Bent Tree Golf Club. Each year, she and her colleagues help hundreds of couples plan the day of their dreams in venues as unique and interesting as they are.