Wedding Wisdom Wednesday: Sustainable Florals and Other Trends

Local wedding pros share insight and tips for planning your wedding.

Kristen Pulcheon
A bar arrangement by Fiori Florals Design Studio at Edison777

The shift toward sustainability can be felt across the wedding industry, with the most impact being felt within the floral realm. The #grownnotflown movement has been avid in the foodie community and is now seeping into other areas of farming, such as flowers. Over the past few years, we have seen a global movement to try to source more product locally. We have had an increase in our couples requesting sustainable flowers, especially as it pertains to the use of locally grown flowers.

To that end, we have partnered with the Ohio Cut Flower Collective, which brings Ohio flower farmers together so florists are able to purchase directly from them. Not only do florists love the quality and diversity of product we can get from an Ohio flower farmer, we also love that we can help to cut down on emissions by eliminating international shipping—all while supporting our local economy.

A bridal bouquet designed by Fiori Florals

Our clients are growing more excited about using local flowers as well and have begun to give us more “freedom” in their proposals. This allows our designers to pick out the best possible bloom for that wedding, rather than keeping to an exact flower species. Our clients are letting us choose based on color and “vibe,” trusting that we will get them to their overall vision. 

In addition to using locally sourced flowers, eliminating floral foam is another way florists can help to reduce waste in the wedding industry. For a very long time, floral foam has been the go-to for many wedding designers, as it has superior water retention and allows for a variety of designs. The big drawback with this is it does not decompose. This environmentally unfriendly technique of design has had a good run; now, more designers are turning to new mediums to help create designs and shapes.

But in order to go foam-free, we need to spend more time educating clients on what shapes are and are not possible. As a result,Japanese Ikebana designs, which use minimal mechanics like a floral frog and/or chicken wire and moss, are growing in popularity. The focus of these designs is less on the big impact of a lot of flowers and more on with the impact of using the best-quality product and honoring the natural shape for the design.

Flowers from Fiori Florals

Following weddings, we continue to promote a waste-less wedding by donating any leftover or “used” flowers to a local nursing home here in Columbus. This way, the flowers can continue to live out their lives by making more than just our couples smile.

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Other trends we are seeing for 2022 spring and summer weddings are a more modern and “stemmy” type of design, a return to blooms over heavy greenery, the color comeback away from strictly neutrals, and silver as the lead for a metallic accent.

Kristen Pulcheon is the director of Fiori Florals Design Studio, the house florist for BTTS Holdings, which owns and operates five area venues: WatersEdge in Hilliard, The Estate at New Albany, Brookshire in Delaware, The FIG Room in the Short North and Edison777 in Italian Village. Fiori Florals was founded in 2020 with a focus on designing locally sourced, seasonal arrangements. Kristen has been in the wedding industry for 14 years and has run multiple bridal boutiques and, most recently, The Estate at New Albany. She describes herself as a “serious plant fanatic who has yet to meet a flower or plant that I haven’t made friends with.”